2018-19 Basketball

Morehouse, Virginia Union highlight D2 top-ten rankings

Multiple CIAA and SIAC teams are featured in the latest D2 rankings.

In recent D2 rankings and top-ten statistics for men’s and women’s hoops, several HBCU teams and athletes are ranked throughout multiple categories. Virginia Union has the most stat leaders for the CIAA and Morehouse represents the most for the SIAC.

Six schools are ranked for the CIAA. The Virginia Union women are nationally ranked, have a top-ten defense, and have respective players leading assists and points-per-game. The Bowie State women are still at the top of D2 hoops in defense and the men’s team has a top-ten leader in average rebounds. Winston-Salem State’s women have one of the top-ten leaders in assists-per-game, while the Chowan men have a top-five leader in the same category. Virginia State men remain nationally ranked and Shaw’s top-scorer in D2 hoops isn’t letting up on his reign anytime soon.

The SIAC has four representing schools in the rankings. Morehouse remains nationally ranked, has a top-ten defense and a player top-ten in rebounds-per-game in D2 men’s basketball. Benedict has two top-ten leaders in women’s hoops: one in points per-game and one in rebounds per-game. Tuskegee women have a top-ten leader in rebounds per-game and the men have a top-ten defense. Miles men and women close it out with respective top-ten ranked defenses.

Women’s Basketball

WBCA Coaches Poll (National Ranking)

Virginia UnionCIAA8

Assists per game

PlayerConferenceRankAverage assists per game
Rejoice Spivey
(Virginia Union)

Points per game

PlayerConferenceRankAverage points per game
Ay’Anna Bey (Benedict)SIAC822.9
Shareka McNeill
(Virginia Union)

Rebounds per game

PlayerConferenceRankAverage rebounds per game
Alexis Carter
Ay’Anna Bey
Brionna Pate
(Winston-Salem State)

Scoring Defense

TeamConferenceRankAverage points allowed
Bowie StateCIAA149.1
Virginia UnionCIAA451.7

Men’s Basketball

NABC Coaches Poll (National Ranking)

Virginia StateCIAA23

Points per game

PlayerConferenceRankAverage points per game
Amir Hinton (Shaw)CIAA131.5

Assists per game

PlayerConferenceRankAverage assists per game
Gus Rowland
Micheal Omert

Rebounds per game

PlayerConferenceRankTotal rebounds
Omar Alston (Morehouse)SIAC611.2
Saiquan Jamison (Bowie State)CIAA811.1

Scoring Defense

SchoolConferenceRankAverage points per game allowed



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