The HBCU Gameday Story


HBCU Gameday was formed in 2012 by Steven J. Gaither in an effort to create an outlet that offered authentic and in-depth coverage of HBCU Sports and Culture. The launching of transformed the way HBCU sports fans were able to consume and process the news that they cared about. Building off the model of pioneering web sites like, HBCU Gameday shifted the landscape by moving past message boards and coordinating journalistic content from the website onto social media.

HBCU Gameday Founder Steven J. Gaither

In 2014 Tolly Carr joined the Gameday family and introduced professional video storytelling into the company. Gameday took advantage of the emerging consumption of online video and began building an expansive library of sports, band and cheerleading content. Fans responded by rapidly engaging with and growing the company’s social media channels and website. Within three years the content expanded into OTT with the launch of HBCU Gameday’s Roku Channel.

In 2016 filmmaker Wali Pitt came onboard full time with HBCU Gameday. Wali’s ability to construct compelling documentary content dovetailed nicely with the broadcast style content Gameday was already producing. Luckily for us Wali is also a web developer and he was able to build and launch 2.0 in addition to another OTT channel on the Fire TV platform.

Today these three guys along with an assortment of contributors and interns across the country are continuing to evolve the HBCU Gameday platforms and brands. The website reaches over one million people annually and the social media channels enjoy double digit engagement rates with organic reach well into the millions.

From podcasts, to video and good old-fashioned journalism, HBCU Gameday continues to create new milestones and craft exciting ways to tell the stories of HBCUs.

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