Deion Sanders

Deion Sanders apologizes for team’s behavior after win

Deion Sanders issued an apology to the coach, team and alumni of Southern University after the ugly end to a great game.

The return of Deion Sanders to the sidelines for Jackson State was a memorable one in every way. His team completed a big-time fourth quarter comeback to beat rival Southern University in dramatic, made-for-reality-docuseries fashion to clinch the SWAC East title and a spot in the conference championship game.

But the end of the game was marred by a postgame altercation between the two schools. The SWAC immediately told the media it would investigate the incident. However, Sanders posted a video on his Instagram page apologizing on behalf of JSU for what took place.

Here’s what he had to say:

“On behalf of Jackson State University — Coach Rollins, man, I appreciate you. He’s one of the real ones and I want formally apologize, man. We acted like idiots at the conclusion of the game, the gentleman who thought it was proper to take flags out of plant it in the middle of your field were straight idiots.  

“And I want to apologize to all the fans, all the alumni, everybody associated with the Southern Jags. Aye man that will never happen again. And I’m going to take that responsibility because we’re supposed to be smart tough, fast and disciplined. We forgot the discipline and we forgot the character. We’ve got to learn how to win. We’ve got to learn how to win. Right, man you fought us to the end. You fought us like dogs and we gon’ return the favor with that bull junk?

“I want to formally apologize Coach Rollins. I’m sorry. And that would never happen again. God bless you, Southern. God bless you, HBCU. God bless you, SWAC. Let’s do this.”

Deion Sanders
Jackson State Head coach

Jackson State will return home for the regular-season finale against rival Alcorn State University on Saturday. 

Deion Sanders apologizes for team’s behavior after win
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