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Potential HBCU Conference Realignment Proposals: CIAA/SIAC superconferences, new conference

Re-alignment is a reality in college sports. HBCUs are not immune. Here are four scenarios you could see in the near future.

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Scenario B: All MEAC schools move to Division II HBCU leagues, 20/16 FB team CIAA, 16/13 FB team SIAC loses CSU & KYSU and adds EWC

Delaware State, Coppin State, Morgan State, UMES, Howard, Norfolk State, and North Carolina Central reclassify to Division II and move back to the CIAA. NC Central would be reunited with six of the seven North Carolina HBCUs and possibly become one of NC A&T’s non-D1 countable games.

  • UDC is added as a non-football member to bring overall CIAA total at 20 teams. This marks the first time both Washington, DC HBCUs reside in the same conference.
  • Chowan exits CIAA Football membership to end CIAA Football total at 16 teams.
  • Certain cross-divisional games would be protected in basketball and Olympic sports by moving the southernmost Virginia team in proximity to the I-85 and I-95 corridor (VSU) to the South Division
  • CIAA revives baseball sponsorship with 7 teams (LUPA, DSU, UMES, CSU, VSU, NSU, CLAF).
  • CIAA revives men’s tennis sponsorship with 9 teams (CSU, MSU, HOW, UDC, VSU, NCCU, SHAW, JCSU).
  • South Carolina State and Bethune-Cookman both reclassify to Division II and rejoin the SIAC.
  • Central State (OH) leaves the SIAC and cuts travel budgets by moving to the midwestern based, Great Midwest Athletic Conference (GMAC). The GMAC is a PWI conference.
  • Edward Waters gains all sport membership into the SIAC thus replacing Central State.
  • SIAC switches to a North and South divisional alignment.
  • SIAC Football will play a division-less, seven-game schedule that pairs the polar members to their closest seven opponents.
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Potential HBCU Conference Realignment Proposals: CIAA/SIAC superconferences, new conference
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