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Tyrius Walker drops 16 for Knicks in summer league


Former Morehouse star capitalizes on first start in Las Vegas.

Tyrius Walker probably hadn’t seen the bench in a long time before the NBA summer league began. After the first few games of the Knicks’ schedule in Las Vegas, that’s where the SIAC Player of the Year spent most of his time.

The Knicks finally gave Walker a starting nod on Friday and he did not disappoint. The Morehouse man played 26 minutes and scored 16 points on 5-11 shooting from the field. What may have been more impressive was Walker’s defense. He picked up five steals including a dazzling mid-air interception.

The Knicks defeated the Pelicans, by the way, 102-83, not that anyone remembers summer league records. No matter the score, Morehouse fans across the world were happy to see Walker maximize his extended playing time.

Members of the media and other Knicks fans were pleasantly surprised by Walker’s performance. Some fans suggested he be invited to the New York G-League team.

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1 Comment

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