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Colorado football DB notes crowd difference from Jackson State

Cam’Ron Silmon-Craig played under Deion Sanders at Jackson State and now Colorado. He says the crowd is different in Boulder.

Cornerback Cam’ron Silmon-Craig was one of several former Jackson State football players who transferred to Colorado football when Deion Sanders left for the Pac-12 school. 

He was asked earlier this week about the transition by the local media. 

“I’ve loved it,” Silmon-Craig said. “It’s been all football for me.”

Silmon-Craig said that while the team routinely played in front of big crowds, there was a difference in the energy for Colorado football compared to Jackson State. 

“We played in a lot of sold out games in Jackson, but I’ve never played in a game that was this loud where the people are engaged in the game,” Silmon-Craig said. “Like, my mom and dad…I have a little sister. They hate standing up all the time. Where my mom and dad have to stand up with her on their shoulders.”

Cam'Ron Silmon-Craig, Jackson State football
Cam’Ron Silmon-Craig at the 2022 Cricket Wireless Celebration Bowl. (Steven J. Gaither)

Silmon-Craig came to Jackson State from Trinity Christian, where Deion Sanders was offensive coordinator and Shedeur Sanders was quarterback. He followed the Sanders to Jackson State, helping the program win back-to-back titles in the SWAC. He put up 111 tackles and five interceptions in 25 games before following Deion Sanders and Co. to Colorado football.

He says things in Boulder are just different. 

“We’re just not used to that. Like coming from Jackson, that didn’t happen,” Silmon-Craig said. “And people really know what’s going on out here. People are not out here just saying I like Colorado. They know what you do, where you’re from, so it’s just been a lot of love.” 

Cam’ron Silmon-Craig has 32 tackles and three interceptions in ten games for Colorado football.

Colorado football DB notes crowd difference from Jackson State
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