Morehouse College, Clark Atlanta and the only game that matters

Football in the AUC is in a familiar (bad) place. But Morehouse College and Clark Atlanta know that Saturday’s game is the only one that matters.

Photos courtesy: Kollin Washington

ATLANTA — Neither Morehouse College nor Clark Atlanta University will be headed to the postseason as both teams come into this week’s game 0-9. But there is plenty for both schools to play for.

Following its loss on Oct 28 in its homecoming game, Wilcher was asked how difficult it would be to keep the energy up moving forward.   

“Is it when you lose homecoming,” Wilcher asked rhetorically, “or when you lose nine in a row?”

Morehouse College spent the first six weeks of their season on the road, starting with two non-conference games against Virginia Union University and Howard University. Meanwhile, Clark Atlanta University was able to schedule four home games, including the Battle for the AUC on Nov. 4th. 

Neither team has been able to conjure up many highlights this season, CAU even fired head coach Willie Slater after a Week Five loss to Lane College. Slater has been temporarily replaced by interim head coach, Richard Moncrief. 

“I’m going to do everything that’s required of me to return as head coach. Once again, I love it here at CAU,” Moncrief told HBCU Gameday. “We’re sitting on a goldmine, this is a hidden gem. We’re the only school with “Atlanta” in the name, I think that is huge and something we should look to capitalize on in the future.”

Morehouse College,
Morehouse College hasn’t won since it beat Clark Atlanta to end the 2022 season. (Photo courtesy: Kollin Washington)

Earlier in the rivalry week Wilcher also responded to rumors of an eventual departure of his own. 

“I’m not leaving, and I refuse to resign. I will make them publicly fire me, if they want me out,” Wilcher told HBCU Gameday. “I know there are some people that aren’t happy that we haven’t been able to get it done, but I have not even been approached about leaving.”

Looking forward, each coach understands the importance of winning the Battle for the AUC. Wilcher compared this game to his time at Lehigh University and the importance of beating Lafayette. 

Moncrief’s comparisons were to other major sporting events.

 “This is the Super Bowl, this is Game Seven of the NBA finals,” he told HBCU Gameday. “This is the AUC national championship.” 

The pressure will be on each coach tomorrow as each school’s administration will surely be looking at the product that each coach puts on the field. Students will pack the stands looking for AUC bragging rights. Morehouse College will look to defend its three game win streak against Clark Atlanta, as well as get its  first win of the season. CAU will look to defend its home turf, while also gaining its first win of the season.

– Story by Kobe Scales

Morehouse College, Clark Atlanta and the only game that matters
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