NFL Draft Combine - Isaiah Land

Dallas Cowboys rookie Isaiah Land eager to learn from Micah Parsons

Isaiah Land spent the last two years studying Micah Parsons on film. Now he’ll do it as a member of the Dallas Cowboys.

When FAMU edge Isaiah Land got picked up by the Dallas Cowboys last month, he knew that meant he’d get a chance to learn from Micah Parsons. And Land tells Ron Murray Jr. that’s a huge plus.

“It felt like a dream come true. My last two years of college, I watched Micah Parsons film every day while I’m eating food and stuff in the morning — while I’m eating breakfast. I watched Micah Parsons and it’s like; if I had to choose any player to be my vet, like the dude I come up and look up to and be my example — it would be Micah Parsons.”

Land and Micah Parsons haven’t met, but he Isaiah Land did find a familiar face. His FAMU teammate Marquise Bell, is in his second year with the franchise after signing with the Dallas Cowboys as a free agent last spring. 

“My teammate Bell is here and I feel comfortable and familiar with them. Because they love Bell, and I feel like they’ll have love for me. I’m already feeling like a 100 percent Dallas Cowboy — to the bone right now.” 

So far the camp has consisted of the basics, getting ready to get on the field and learning assignments. Land is soaking it all in.

“Coming from a small, HBCU school — we’ve got a lot of resources,” Land said. “Almost like unlimited around here. Whatever I can just stay in the building and get it. From hygiene to nutrition to sleep. It’s just amazing to be able to have all the tools set out for me and I can just go and execute.”

The Buck Buchanan Award-winning edge is grateful to be getting his feet wet in the league after signing as a priority undrafted free agent. 

“It’s been amazing being a part of this organization,” Land said. “Being in this beautiful facility, just enjoying the perks of being an NFL player. It’s a blessing to be here, every day I just soak it all in.”

Many thought Land had a chance to get drafted, but it was not in the cards. Jackson State defensive back Bolden was the lone HBCU player selected. When asked what would help future HBCU players get drafted, Land said he feels games against bigger competition are key. He used former SC State defensive back DeCobie Durant as an example. 

“Cobie Durant had two picks against Clemson, and that almost solidified him to get drafted. I feel like if he didn’t get those two picks, they might not have drafted him.

Land played against USF in 2021, but missed FAMU’s game against UNC in 2022. 

“I feel like the more opportunities we get to play those big school players where you’re playing tackles that’s going to the league and you’re playing against a receiver and you’re a DB that’s going against players getting looked at by the league —  It can show them that I can compete with these dudes and I can be a draft pick.”

Dallas Cowboys rookie Isaiah Land eager to learn from Micah Parsons
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