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Shaq Davis gets six-figure guaranteed payout in UDFA contract

Shaq Davis picks up a nice UDFA paycheck with the Saints but he still has to prove himself

Following the conclusion of the 2023 NFL Draft, the New Orleans Saints signed former South Carolina wide receiver Shaq Davis as an undrafted free agent (UDFA).

While being one of the 259 players selected in the NFL draft is the goal, being an undrafted free agent can have its own unique upside. Instead of only one NFL team owning your draft rights, undrafted free agents have the freedom to negotiate a deal with multiple teams in order to get more guaranteed money or choose a team that the player feels is the better fit.

According to a tweet from KPRC 2 Houston reporter Aaron Wilson, Shaq Davis’s newly signed UDFA contract included a guaranteed endorsement of $216,000 from the Saints.

An article from Pro Football Network on the details of undrafted free agent contracts says that while the length and size of UDFA deals can vary, most NFL undrafted free agents sign for the league’s minimum salary of $750,000 per year.

NFL Saints undrafted free agent UDFA

During his three seasons with South Carolina State, Davis proved that he is a big asset scooping up 128 passes for 2,407 total yards; averaging 20.6 yards each catch. The 6’5, 180-pound wide receiver recorded 39 career touchdowns.

For an undrafted rookie, the paycheck emphasizes the potential need the Saints have for Davis in the upcoming future. Despite the incentive, Shaq Davis will still have to prove himself. While attending rookie and training camps, the wide receiver can show off his speed and size to increase his potential.

Shaq Davis gets six-figure guaranteed payout in UDFA contract
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