Tributes to Eric Moore pour in

Eric Moore (3rd from left) with his media colleagues (l. to r.) Sam Crenshaw, Danielle Wright, Lut Williams, Donal Ware and Stan Lewter at the preseason 2011 SIAC Football Media Day.

A host of colleagues, friends and mentees of Eric Moore have written to express condolences to his family. They also acknowledge the great influence he had on their lives.

Moore was the owner and operator of The Onnidan Group. His company provided statistical services and training to a wide range of athletics clients.

He was also the owner and webmaster at, the longest running comprehensive site on the internet covering HBCU sports.

Moore passed on Saturday after battling health issues over the past year.

Eric Moore Tributes

“Eric Moore was one of the few men I can truly call a mentor. I will always appreciate him paving the way for African Americans in the sports information industry. His work provided HBCU athletic programs with the attention they deserved but would not have received without his assistance.

As an entrepreneur providing a sports information service, Mr. Moore has been a beacon of light that lit my career path. His sustained success and level of expertise became a standard of achievement I wanted to shoot for. When I was lost, he always took time to guide me in the right direction. That was no matter how busy he was… and he was busy! He lent me the full extent of his resources on multiple occasions solely because he wanted to see me succeed. I will forever be grateful for his influence on not only my career but my life.

Mr. Eric Moore was a pioneer that gave me the fire to pursuit my passion in sports solely because I wanted to make him proud. I will always remember Mr. Moore and honor his legacy.”

Marcellus Bowie
Legit Stats

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“Eric had a profound affect on my career. He provided me so many opportunities to continually improve my skills as part of his statistics crew from DC to SC. It was an honor to call him a friend. 

Not only did HBCU Sports Information lose a giant but the Sports Information world as a whole. Eric N. Moore was a man who touched many lives and taught so many, including myself. The impact he left will live on for decades to come. I can’t thank Eric enough for how much he poured into me.”

Romanda Noble-Watson
Director of Public Relations & Communications
SC High School League

“Eric Moore was one of the athletics industry’s kindest, most innovative, and most talented professionals.  He was always about helping the athletic programs and the sports information directors he worked with look their best.

After being appointed sports information director at one university, I discovered we needed a knowledgeable and reliable crew of statisticians for gameday operations.  I asked Eric if he could provide statistical services for a few games and help develop a team of statisticians at the school.  He agreed to do so without hesitation.  From my perspective, Eric helped introduce what, at that time, was the newest technology for compiling statistics to HBCU athletics.  He can be credited with helping to usher HBCUs sports into the digital age.  

He made his mark in HBCUs athletics.  Eric is missed by all who knew him.” 

J. Craig Cotton, Director of Public Relations, Office of Communications and Marketing, Claflin University


“With a heavy heart I learned of Eric Moore’s transition on Saturday, October 29, 2022. He was a giant in college sports media, promotion and the college sports technology business. He was an expert and teacher when it came to in-game computer programs. “Call Eric” was the cry when we in the business needed help. You could always count on him to answer and provide the needed help. He was a giant in BCSIDA (Black College Sports Information DirectorsAssociation), CoSIDA (College sports Information Directors Association and the founder of the Onnidan HBCU Sports. As great as he was in his craft, he was a greater person, ready and able to provide a helping hand when needed. A true friend. Eric is gone. He will never be forgotten.”

Sam Jefferson, SID, Jackson State University, 1973-2002

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“In my nearly five decades in Sports Publicity and Journalism, I have encountered many talented souls who have made a lasting impression on me. Eric Moore is one of the Greatest Of All Time (GOAT) in our field.

He was the epitome of excellence, a mentor during the dark moments in Sports Information, who always seemed to have solutions to the seemingly unsolvable, many times in the middle of games.

His exceptional vision for showcasing the HBCU Sports brand, first as an SID, then tackling the ever-changing realm of technology in the avenues of statistics and web services made him the present day equivalent of Grambling’s legendary publicist, Collie J. Nicholson.

Yet with all the envelopes he pushed to lift HBCU Athletic publicity to new heights, pulling his colleagues both old and young into the mainstream, Eric Moore was a special man.

Humble, yet confident, Eric was gifted with an endearing personality. and a sense of humor that made him a most beloved figure in our business.

To use an old saying: “Eric Moore may not be in a class by himself, but it sure won’t take long to call roll.”

Rest In Peace, Eric. We miss you already.”

Alvin Hollins Jr., FAMU SID, 1979-2009, Retired 

“My heartfelt condolences to the Moore Family. Eric loved electronic and print media. I appreciate the love and concern that he displayed to all the broadcasters and writers at the CIAA and MEAC basketball tournaments. It would be great if the 2023 tournament committees light a candle that will represent the light Eric gave to others. Rest In Peace.”

Gil Harris, The stadium voice for South Carolina State University football

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“I enjoyed Eric every time I was around him, and we go back to the late seventies.  He was ready before his time and he acted as if it was just a gracious walk in the park.  He was a terrific football and basketball statistician and I solicited his services for both the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference and North Carolina A&T State.  Eric Moore was a great human being and Eric will be missed.”

Larry Barber, former MEAC Director of Media Relations, 1978-1998

“Eric Moore was the founder of the BCSIDA organization.  As President of the MEAC SID’s I assisted him in putting together an BCSIDA Women’s All American All Star game…  Was a lot of work but we enjoyed making the game a success…  We’ve shared professional knowledge for over 45 years…. Could always count on his giving me good advice…. Going to miss the GURU of Black College Media Directors…  Condolences to his immediate and professional family…”

Joe McIver, former SID and administrator, Morgan State University

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Mr. Eric Moore was the epitome of steady to me. Always was a pleasant face to see at Howard football or basketball games.

At first, I categorized him as just the stat guy. A pivotal role in all of sports, ensuring the stats of the game are recorded and accurate. For me that was enough, an individual with that keen attention to detail and efficiency was someone who I looked to as a rock; always steady.

As I began to have more and more conversations with Mr. Moore, I began to realize how much he had accomplished and how reliable he was as a person. Those became qualities I began to look up to. The ebbs and flows of HBCU sports can have your head spinning but Mr. Moore surely accepted and handled those ebbs and flows swimmingly. 

His steadiness and consistency is what got him into the rooms he was in, extended a since of calm to those around him and allowed him to build what he built. I am very appreciative and blessed for the time I was able to spend with him over the years.

I am so extremely sorry for the loss and want to extend my condolences to all Mr. Moore has touched.

Best regards, 

Michael Lindo, Director of Player and Family Engagement for the NBA’s Detroit Pistons

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I became acquainted with Eric during my tenure as the Assistant Director of Public Relations and Sports Information Director at NC A&T. Eric proved to be an invaluable and reliable resource as I navigated the nuances of being a nascent SID.

During the ‘80s, the demand for football and basketball statistics became more intense from the NCAA. Eric made my job more bearable with his sage advice and selfless support. But what I liked most about Eric was his calm and engaging demeanor. He always had a kind word to say about the most difficult challenges I faced.
Eric was one of those persons that you come across once in a lifetime. My memory bank is filled with pleasant thoughts of having known him. He will be sorely missed.

Drexel B. Ball, former SID NC A&T, Administrator at Delaware State University and Claflin University

Tribute to Eric Moore

Eric, my homeboy and fellow Hillside High graduate. You were a trailblazer in sports information. I will always be thankful for your assistance during my time at Howard University and Major League Baseball.  You always provided professional, friendly, reliable service with a smile.  Rest in peace my homeboy.

From Ricky Clemons and Family, Howard University Professor of Sports Management, former Howard SID, former Vice President of Communications for MLB’s National League

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I came to Howard University in 2013 with a goal to be a statistician for a professional NFL team. I knew nothing about taking stat. Once I was connected with Mr. Eric Moore however, I developed a love and appreciation for the craft of taking GOOD stats.

Mr. Moore was a GOOD stats man, but more importantly he was a GOOD man and a kind mentor to me. He was patient, caring, and supportive.

I remember the first time he let me take the stats for a game and I cried because it was too fast, and I felt like I was failing. At a pause in the game, he gave me a hug and said, “You crying means you care, and caring is good!” I hold this moment close to me still today because Mr. Moore empowered me to know that my passion and expression is just an extension of my desire to do good work.

More importantly, as I continue to navigate my career in the sports industry, I remember something else Mr. Moore said “We live in a car world, but we have made small lanes for bikes. We accommodate them but we don’t always like what space they take or moving around them. You are a bike in the sports industry. The cars will not like accommodating you, but you stay in your lane.”

Mr. Moore’s time mentoring me is dear to me. He has stayed with me even as I venture into other areas of the sports industry and life. Thank you, Mr. Moore, for sharing your kind heart with me and strengthening me as a professional. I pray I am one of many who will continue to shine your light and live your legacy. 

Thank You, Adrianne E. Williams, Atlanta, GA Client Success Representative at Learfield IMG College

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If not for Eric Moore, the media growth and exposure that Black college athletics, particularly Black College Football is currently undergoing would likely not be possible.

When I began my career as a sports anchor covering HBCU’s for Sheridan Broadcasting in 1990, the only one-stop-site for statistics and information on all the competing Black college teams was The information the site provided filled in the gaps of information we could not access on any of the major sites like ESPN, CBS, Sporting News, CNN Sports… etc. The schedules, scores, statistics, game recaps and updates on Black colleges from Onnidan provided us with vital information for broadcasts of daily reports being delivered to radio stations across the country.

Eric Moore and Lut Williams with Onnidan and the Black College Sports Page respectively, provided the blueprint for those who now work in the field of internet and social media Black college sports journalism.

Ty Miller, Director of News and Sports, Power News Radio Network

I was saddened to hear of Eric Moore’s passing. He was a true pioneer in a lot of ways. The HBCU brand and that of other colleges and universities as well, was enhanced due to his great knowledge, commitment and support. He brought the internet, social media and computer statistics to so many of us.

Eric introduced me to social media and helped me send my very first email. He was also a towering \figure in CoSIDA (College Sports Information Directors of America) and was the titular leader of BCSIDA (Black College Sports Information Directors Association) for years. He has an extended “tree” as he mentored so many in the sports information profession. I count him a dear friend! Condolences to his family and all

Bill Hamilton, SID Emeritus, SC State

Another Eric Moore Tribute

What do you say about a pillar of a man and his heart? Particularly, a mentor that provided more than you ever could ask for regarding his knowledge of his crafts. More so, a brother, in terms of understanding the communication side of sports, specifically HBCU sports. 

I recall a very distinct car ride several years ago with Mr. Eric Moore as I decided to change my flight from Norfolk to Charlotte after the MEAC Football Media Day based on his accommodations. 

I will take to heart as I move forward with my career the jewels he left with me that day. Most importantly, I will make sure I do my part as he did and pass it forward. 

Condolences to Mr. Eric Moore’s family and prayers for his friends, colleagues, and his family. May the memories held deep within all of our hearts, help to soothe us. All those connected to Mr. Eric Moore, each of you are in my and my family’s prayers. 

With deepest sympathy,

Dr. J. Kenyatta Cavil, host of Dr. Cavil’s Inside the HBCU Sports Lab and Professor at Texas Southern University

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Tributes to Eric Moore pour in
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