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Deion Sanders compares being homecoming opponent to “money game”

We remember what happened the last time Jackson State came to Alabama for a homecoming game with Deion Sanders as head coach.

The last time Deion Sanders and Jackson State showed up to another SWAC school for homecoming in Alabama, there were fireworks on the field.

“Oh, it was so beautiful. It was so energetic. It was so heartwarming and lovable. It was just peace in the air. I love it,” Sanders said of his team’s 2021 game at Alabama A&M. “So now to go to another school in Alabama, to see their homecoming. I can’t wait. And my team can’t either.”

For the record, JSU beat Alabama A&M 61-15 last season in a game that had theatrics from start to finish.

This week Jackson State will take its 4-0 record to Montgomery, AL to take on Alabama State for its homecoming game. And Deion Sanders literally can’t wait to get there. 

“We can’t wait to get to Alabama to open up this gift,” Sanders said, with a smile.

Deion Sanders scooter
Last year Deion Sanders left Alabama A&M a homecoming gift in addition to a loss on its record.

Sanders expounded on his love for being the visiting team for a homecoming game. 

“I love going to homecomings. I get to see all the pagentry, I get to see the alumni. I get to see all the dignitaries. I get to see the dance teams. The bands — everybody all dressed up and all beautiful and all the theatrics that surrounds homecoming,” Sanders said. “I love it.”

When it comes to homecoming games — particularly at HBCU homecomings — being picked as the opponent is often viewed as belittling. With generally the largest crowd of the year in attendance, everyone wants to make a good impression at these games, which generally means playing a “cupcake-level” program. Jackson State and Deion Sanders are anything but that right now. Instead, Coach Prime sees another reasoning for ASU. 

“The man that’s not thinking would say — that’s disrespectful. But the man that does think would say ‘you know what? This is like a money game isn’t it? This is like one of those games that you invite the opponent so you can make a lot of money. Because Jackson State travels deep. They come with all the fanfare, all the love…”

But if you’ve been paying attention, you know how Deion Sanders feels about Money Games. 

“It was brilliant to invite us there because, you’re going to make some money. But what comes with money?” Sanders said with a laugh. “All money ain’t good money. But we gon’ learn.”

Deion Sanders compares being homecoming opponent to “money game”
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