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Deion Sanders hoping Jackson State can lift city during crisis

Deion Sanders spoke about the resiliency of Jackson, MS and his hope that its football team helps lift the community.

Jackson State football is in Miami, but Deion Sanders couldn’t ignore what is going on with the water in the city of Jackson.

Sanders, speaking at a press conference for the Orange Blossom Classic, talked about the resiliency of the city he now calls home.

“The AD brought me in during the pandemic,” Sanders said. “It was turbulent times then. Touch and go. Whether you gonna play this week , play next week. Whether we’re going to have eligible players or not… Dealt with a snowstorm. Now we dealing with a water crisis. One thing that I’m garnishing, I’ve gathered. Jackson, Mississippi is resilient.”

Indeed, Sanders’ first game as a head coach on Feb. 21, 2021 came as the city was attempting to shake off a winter storm that had ice on the field at Veterans Memorial Coliseum just the night before. That game was played, but water issues continued to plague the city over the ensuing weeks. Water issues have re-emerged again this summer due to flooding, leaving residents scrambling to take care of the necessities of life. 

Deion Sanders Jackson State

“All they want is a little hope. Just let them peek and see a little light and they going to make it to the next day. And I promise you, they’re going to be there,” Sanders said. “Ain’t nobody complaining. Ain’t nobody trippin. They might be uneasy because they want information. The Governor, mayor are doing a phenomenal job to me in supporting that.”

While Deion Sanders might feel the response of officials has been adequate, but many others feel differently. Either way, Sanders is hoping JSU will give the community something to rally around.

“You get sound bites, so you really don’t hear the whole story. But all they want is hope and desire. And guess what? The Jackson State University football team gave them that. And we plan on giving them that.”

Jackson State is set to open the 2022 season on against Florida A&M in Miami in the Orange Blossom Classic on Sunday afternoon. 

Deion Sanders hoping Jackson State can lift city during crisis
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