Tuskegee alumni helping improve athletic facilities with gift

Tuskegee University got a solid gift from its Alumni Housing Foundation to help improve its athletic facilities.

Courtesy: Tuskegee University

TUSKEGEE, Ala. — The recent push to update the campus facilities by the Tuskegee Athletic Department got a significant boost from the Tuskegee Alumni Housing Foundation on Friday.

A check in the amount of $78,000.00 was handed to President Charlotte P. Morris and Athletic Director Reginald Ruffin by the Tuskegee Alumni Housing Foundation (TAHF). This money is intended to be used to assist in the continuation of the facility enhancements being made by Athletics. To be more particular, the renovation and improvement of the Golden Tigers’ locker rooms and floors in Chappie James Arena, which is utilized for volleyball, men’s basketball, and women’s basketball.

Reginald Ruffin Tuskegee
New Tuskegee director of athletics Reginald Ruffin has said repeatedly he is focused on improving athletics facilities at the University.

“Not only do we want to thank the Tuskegee Alumni Housing Foundation President Glenn Otis and Vice President Lillie Lanier for this contribution, but we also want to thank all of those who are included in the foundation. Our department is extremely grateful for this donation.” As said by Ruffin. “As we work toward being one of the top athletic departments in the country, we are looking forward to continuing to improve both our athletic facilities and other aspects of our program.”

The renovations that are being done to Chappie James Arena are part of a larger project that will also include the installation of football turf and the construction of a new football facility that will have locker rooms, team meeting rooms, and coaching offices. The program will also feature new team vans for road mobility as well as renovations to the Pepsico Tennis Courts that are currently being completed.

Tuskegee alumni helping improve athletic facilities with gift
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