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Mikey Williams still open to HBCUs as he preps for senior season

Top 20 Class of 2023 guard Mikey Williams says he’s still planning on attending college, and says that HBCUs are still in the mix.

Two years ago, Mikey Williams created a frenzy when he suggested — and later confirmed — that he was considering HBCU basketball programs.

The California native is now a rising senior and his father recently told 247Sports that he’s still planning on attending college and that HBCUs will be a part of that process. 

“He still is huge on HBCU and he is going to make sure he takes a visit or two there,” Mahlon Williams told the website. “He has a couple of other schools that are high on his list as well. We are keeping it a little quiet, but it is going to be exciting when it is all laid out.”

Mikey Williams has inked an NIL deal with Puma. (Photo via Instagram)

Williams is currently the 12th-ranked prospect in the 2023 basketball class. He’s spent the last two years in North Carolina playing at multiple schools before returning home to San Diego for his senior season.

The talented guard put out a top 10 back in the summer of 2020
. It included five HBCUs — Hampton University, Alabama State, North Carolina Central, Tennessee State and Texas Southern. His father says that list is outdated currently. 

“It was his top 10 when he put it out. You have had coaches change, Covid and so many things have happened since then. You have this transfer portal, right? Hey, he may want to go to this school, but the transfer portal may say we’ve got two guards better than you.”

Of the HBCUs listed, Alabama State is the lone program that has undergone a coaching change since then. Mo Williams was the newly-minted coach at ASU, and now he’s preparing for his first season at Jackson State. 

“So, at the end of the day he’s still going to college, and we are still trying to figure out what does that top five or top ten look like now that you have a Puma deal, now that you have the transfer portal and all of these things are going to impact his decision to choose a school, so we are reshaping it.”

Despite the changes, it looks like Mikey Williams hasn’t ruled out going to an HBCU quite yet. 

Mikey Williams still open to HBCUs as he preps for senior season
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