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Deion Sanders on why Sheduer is getting spring reps

Sheduer Sanders isn’t eligible to play in spring football. So why is he taking first-team snaps as JSU prepares for a game? Deion Sanders has an answer.

Of course, the biggest name in the quarterback room is Sheduer Sanders. The younger son of Deion Sanders is rated as a four-star recruit by and several others. He took the bulk of the snaps in the JSU’s two scrimmages, however, he won’t be eligible to play this spring as he played in high school last fall.

Sanders explained why Sheduer, as well as others in JSU’s star-studded recruiting haul who won’t be able to play have been practicing this spring. 

“A lot of those guys who are ineligible for the spring, they’re going to be starters at practice as well in the spring at least a couple of times, a few times that week because the lineman, they want to hear Shedeur’s voice,” Sanders told the Clarion Ledger. “They want to hear big Junior on the defensive line, they want to see it. My centers, they have to feel them, they have to feel what they’re up against. It’s so many elements in this and what we’re preparing for. We’re not just trying to win spring games, which I don’t think is a huge consolation prize, but we’re trying to be dominant in the fall.”

JSU will host Edward Waters on Sunday at Mississippi Veterans Memorial Coliseum.

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Deion Sanders on why Sheduer is getting spring reps
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