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Florida Memorial accused of hiding COVID-19 cluster

Unlike almost all HBCUs, Florida Memorial University didn’t shut down fall sports for COVID-19. But students say an outbreak is being ignored.

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“Gym is an absolute mess”

The former Florida Memorial volleyball player caught COVID-19 this spring, forcing her to miss classroom time and get incomplete grades. She’s working on making that up, but she says her scholarship was taken.

She’s not competing in games with her teammates, but she is still close to them. She says the situation in the gym is out of control.

“The gym is just an absolute mess,” she said. “We’ll be in there during practice, and no one has masks on. It will be basketball, baseball, soccer…every team in there.”

This student said she currently lives in Building Four, which is being used to house female positive patients. She’s tested negative, but another roomate tested positive.

“I had to use my meal points to get her food. Because her name wasn’t on the list. She wasn’t able to get food sent to our dorm, so I have to get food and come bring it to her,” she said. “Not once did anyone come to check on her.”
Again, she speaks as someone who has had COVID-19.

“The people who do test positive on this campus, they aren’t being taken care of at all,” she said. “I feel like that’s a really big issue. Because we are in a pandemic, this virus can be life-threatening. It’s just real sad to say.”

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Florida Memorial accused of hiding COVID-19 cluster

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