Tyler Logan

UMES’ Dr. Tyler Logan defies HBCU, PT stereotypes

Dr. Tyler Logan wanted to celebrate himself and inspire others. He did that, as well as spark discussion on HBCU inclusiveness and physical therapy.

They wanted me

After taking two years off of school, Logan began looking at programs to further his career.

“I’ve been told by other professionals: We all come out with the same degree,” Logan said. “We all got to pass the same licensure exam. So there’s no reason to go into unnecessary debut when you don’t have to.”

Logan was also accepted into programs at Hampton and Winston-Salem State as well as schools like Elon. When it came down to it, though, Logan said he felt UMES just wanted him more.

“UMES — they seemed like they wanted me,” he said. “And me being an athlete, I liked that feeling. That kind of recruitment feeling. I liked the feeling of being wanted. Not like I’m just somebody they accepted just because.”

Fast forward to the weekend. Logan’s tweet celebrating his accomplishment turned into a lightning rod for debate.

No, UMES isn’t a PWI

“I saw people on the tweet saying when did UMES turn into a PWI?” Logan said. “The undergraduate at UMES is black. It has a high African-American population. It’s just my particular program doesn’t.”

Tyler Logan is currently studying for his licensure exam and looking for the right facility to join. He’s also going to get his strength and conditioning certification later this month as he wants to get into the sports field.

As for his tweet, Logan said he’s had students from other HBCUs like Fort Valley State and Prairie View A&M reach out to him. He said there was some negative comments about his desire to be the “only” black person in the room. He shrugged it off as foolish.

“I saw one about should there be a quota for HBCUs to reserve a number of spots for African-American students. Is it a funding thing? Is it African-Americans not applying enough? Do we shy away from the field or it just we’re not being accepted,” Logan said. “I think there was a lot of good discourse that was brought to light.”

Never underestimate the power of Twitter.


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UMES’ Dr. Tyler Logan defies HBCU, PT stereotypes
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