SIAC Championships

All-Time SIAC Football Champions

The SIAC is the second oldest HBCU conference and its history includes many current DI HBCUs.

FAMU separated itself from the pack in the 1950s and 60s when it won fourteen consecutive titles from 1952 through 1965. That followed six-season streak from 1945 to 1950. From 1942 through 1969 the only teams to take the title away were 1944 Tuskegee, 1951 Morris Brown and 1966 Alabama A&M, giving FAMU 25 titles in 28 seasons, a mark that will likely never be touched in HBCU history.

1940Morris Brown
1941Morris Brown
1942Florida A&M
1943Florida A&M
1945Florida A&M
1946Florida A&M
1947Florida A&M
1948Florida A&M
1949Florida A&M

1950Florida A&M
1951Morris Brown
1952Florida A&M
1953Florida A&M
1954Florida A&M
1955Florida A&M
1956Florida A&M
1957Florida A&M
1958Florida A&M
1959Florida A&M
1960Florida A&M
1961Florida A&M
1962Florida A&M
1963Florida A&M
1964Florida A&M
1965Florida A&M
1966Alabama A&M (A)
Alabama State (B)
1967Florida A&M (A)
Tuskegee (B)
1968Florida A&M (A)
Tuskegee (B)
1969Florida A&M (A)
Tuskegee (B)
*The SIAC split into two divisions in the late 1960s.
FAMU won the 1978 SIAC Championship as well as the 1978 Division I-AA Championship.
1970Tuskegee (II)
Fort Valley (III)
1971Alabama A&M (II)
Fort Valley (III)
1972Alabama A&M (II)
Fort Valley (III)
1973Bethune-Cookman (II)
Fisk (III)
1974Tuskegee (II)
Clark (III)
1975Bethune-Cookman (II)
1976Bethune-Cookman (II)
Fort Valley (III)
1977Florida A&M (II)
Clark/Miles (III)
1978Florida A&M
Clark (DIII)
1979Alabama A&M
Morehouse (DIII)
FAMU was actually a member of the SIAC when it won the FCS title.

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All-Time SIAC Football Champions
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