SIAC Championships

All-Time SIAC Football Champions

The SIAC is the second oldest HBCU conference and its history includes many current DI HBCUs.

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FAMU separated itself from the pack in the 1950s and 60s when it won fourteen consecutive titles from 1952 through 1965. That followed six-season streak from 1945 to 1950. From 1942 through 1969 the only teams to take the title away were 1944 Tuskegee, 1951 Morris Brown and 1966 Alabama A&M, giving FAMU 25 titles in 28 seasons, a mark that will likely never be touched in HBCU history.

1940Morris Brown
1941Morris Brown
1942Florida A&M
1943Florida A&M
1945Florida A&M
1946Florida A&M
1947Florida A&M
1948Florida A&M
1949Florida A&M

1950Florida A&M
1951Morris Brown
1952Florida A&M
1953Florida A&M
1954Florida A&M
1955Florida A&M
1956Florida A&M
1957Florida A&M
1958Florida A&M
1959Florida A&M
1960Florida A&M
1961Florida A&M
1962Florida A&M
1963Florida A&M
1964Florida A&M
1965Florida A&M
1966Alabama A&M (A)
Alabama State (B)
1967Florida A&M (A)
Tuskegee (B)
1968Florida A&M (A)
Tuskegee (B)
1969Florida A&M (A)
Tuskegee (B)
*The SIAC split into two divisions in the late 1960s.
FAMU won the 1978 SIAC Championship as well as the 1978 Division I-AA Championship.
1970Tuskegee (II)
Fort Valley (III)
1971Alabama A&M (II)
Fort Valley (III)
1972Alabama A&M (II)
Fort Valley (III)
1973Bethune-Cookman (II)
Fisk (III)
1974Tuskegee (II)
Clark (III)
1975Bethune-Cookman (II)
1976Bethune-Cookman (II)
Fort Valley (III)
1977Florida A&M (II)
Clark/Miles (III)
1978Florida A&M
Clark (DIII)
1979Alabama A&M
Morehouse (DIII)
FAMU was actually a member of the SIAC when it won the FCS title.
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All-Time SIAC Football Champions
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