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Darius Leonard randomly changes tire for SC woman


Leonard didn’t hesitate when he saw someone in need beside the road.

Former South Carolina State star Darius Leonard took his “maniac” moniker from college all the way to the Indianapolis Colts. However, anyone who knows Leonard understands it’s a persona that is reserved exclusively for the field.

This weekend Leonard showed that he’s not above rolling up his sleeves and helping someone in need, especially an old friend.

On Sunday morning Leonard pulled over to change the tire for Martha Isbell who was stranded alongside the road. Isbell lives in Leonard’s hometown of Lake View, South Carolina, and this wasn’t their first meeting. Isbell was Leonard’s biology teacher at Lake View High School.

The grass beside the road was very thick and high, providing for less than ideal conditions to change a tire. Leonard didn’t seem bothered as he got down on his knees to find the jack point beneath the car.

Isbell wrote on Twitter that, “I will forever be grateful for Darius Leonard’s act of kindness in making sure I was safe and the tire was changed.”

Leonard was the Defensive Rookie of the Year and a first-team All-Pro selection after being drafted in the second round last spring.

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