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Cutting Down The Nets: HBCU Gameday Podcast Celebrates 100th episode

The HBCU Gameday Podcast has now reached its 100th episode. Join us as we cut down the nets and support so we can keep winning.

Cutting Down The Nets: HBCU Gameday Podcast Celebrates 100th episode

It took 14 months, but the HBCU Gameday Podcast has officially reached its 100th episode.

This week’s podcast gathers the crew together to look back at a week full of basketball at the SIAC and CIAA Tournaments. We examine whether or not the tournament format needs to be revamped as people’s viewing habits change, wonder what happened to Mr. CIAA at this year’s tournament and a member of the Gameday Crew throws his name in the hat to replace Mr. Mitchell when its time to put up his cane for good.

After a series of sporadic episodes back in 2013, the podcast format was put on the shelf as Gameday grew from a one-man blog/band to a multi-person. Around the summer/fall of 2016 we started toying with the idea of starting a new, more polished version of it.
That became a reality in January 2017 and we’ve been rolling ever since. It’s been a fun and interesting ride with lots of entertaining and informative guests. Some times the topics are really serious, sometimes really ridiculous, but at the heart of it all is our desire to give voice to the world of HBCU sports. A consistent, forward-thinking and up-to-date voice.

And in our own way, we’ve done just that. We all bring something different to the table. Tolly’s extensive radio experience makes him the perfect point man as he tries to break into my long rants while Wali provides punchy commentary with conspiracy theories and tales of childhood mischef.
The numbers aren’t always as big as we’d like them to be. To be honest, they never are, but that’s okay. When you’re building something things take time to fall in place. While numbers do matter in this business, impact matters more for us at Gameday.

On behalf of myself and the entire team, I’d like to thank all of our previous guests as well as those who listen faithfully, and of course our supporters on Facebook and at large. If you appreciate what we do, please drop us a line and a dime so that we can continue to expand.

HBCU Gameday Founder. Veteran journalist/blogger.

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