Duke University to level up with hire of NC Central’s Kyle Serba

Long-time North Carolina Central SID Kyle Serba is reportedly taking his talents to Duke University after nearly 30 years.

A loss for North Carolina Central University is about to turn into a win for Duke University.

Kyle Serba, North Carolina Central’s long-time Sports Information Director and current Deputy Athletics Director for External Affairs, is heading across Durham to take over as Director of Basketball Communications at Duke University according to a report by College AD.

Serba announced last week that he would be leaving his post at NCCU after 29 years, with half of that coming as a one-man show in athletics. He posted a lengthy statement on Twitter announcing he would be departing his post at NCCU. Here’s what he had to say: 

THANK YOU, NCCU!!! For the past three decades, I have dedicated a significant amount of time, energy and effort into my career at North Carolina Central University. The dividends from that investment have been plentiful – lasting memories, humbling accolades, and, most important, lifelong friendships. Along the way, I became a proud alumnus of NCCU. North Carolina Central University has been an absolute blessing to me and my family. That is why it is with a heavy heart that I share the news that November 20, 2023, will be my last day working at NCCU.

I was not looking to leave the sloping hills and verdant green, but an alternative was presented to me. I was granted the opportunity of a lifetime; one that I could not pass up. My next professional venture will be known at a later date, because this is a celebration of my NCCU and HBCU Family! Many sincere thanks to everyone who supported, encouraged, and uplifted me throughout my Eagle journey. They are too many to single out, but you know who you are. As I reflect on my time at NCCU, my heart is so full and my emotions run high.

This is in no way goodbye. I will continue to support my alma mater financially and as a fan cheering on the Eagles from the bleachers. Until then, I will proceed on my life’s path with Eagle Pride and as a proud representative of HBCU excellence. 1 look forward to seeing you back on The Yard. THANK YOU!!!

Kyle Serba, NCCU, Duke University

Serba is a four-time winner of the CIAA’s John Holley Sports Information Director’s Award and is a member of the Alex Rivera Hall of Fame at NCCU.

He was honored on the field during Saturday’s football game at NCCU — his 313th at the school — and given countless hugs, handshakes and words of encouragement for those who value his time and service. NCCU Director of Athletics Dr. Skip Perkins was a student-athlete when Serba came to NCCU and says that he will be sorely missed. 

“To see how he’s elevated the career… all the work he’s done,” Perkins said. “He’s a Hall of Famer man — it’s a sad day but bittersweet to be here 30 years is tremendous. And he’s done it with the highest level of anybody in the country.”

And Duke University basketball, no doubt, will be elevated with the addition of Kyle Serba. 

Duke University to level up with hire of NC Central’s Kyle Serba
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