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Colorado football theft linked to prospects visiting UCLA

The alleged theft of items from a UCLA locker room after Colorado football visited has been linked to a group of prospects on an unofficial visit.

The suspects in the alleged theft of jewelry from the UCLA locker room that Colorado football used last month have been identified as high school football prospects. 

Pasadena (CA) police have identified the suspects of the alleged theft of jewelry and cash as students from Beaumont High School in Riverside County. The suspects have not been identified, according to a report by USA Today.

According to the report, the students weren’t on a school district sanctioned visit the day UCLA took on Colorado. 

Deion Sanders, Colorado football

“We are disappointed and disheartened to hear of the alleged involvement of Beaumont High School students in the incident at the UCLA-Colorado football game on October 28,” read a statement by the Beaumont Unified School District. “We strive to promote strong character and integrity in our students, and the alleged actions do not represent our core values as a school, District, and community. While the students were not at the UCLA-Colorado football game as part of a school-sponsored event, the District is cooperating fully with Pasadena Police Department’s investigation.”

Following the theft, Colorado football head coach Deion Sanders called for the NCAA to reimburse members of his team for what was allegedly stolen. Some of the items have been returned.

Colorado football theft linked to prospects visiting UCLA
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