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Did Deion Sanders know Colorado football had their items stolen?

Colorado players report belongings were stolen from the locker room, but Deion Sanders did not mention it. Did he know at the podium?

While Deion Sanders and Colorado football were on the field trying to pull off an upset against UCLA, someone entered their locker room at the Rose Bowl and robbed several members of the team.

A new video posted by Deion Sanders Jr. shows players talking about their stolen possessions — including jewelry — following the team’s 28-16 loss to UCLA.

Darius Sanders, founder of Reach The People Media, reported that he had his items stolen as well. 

Deion Sanders

This is not the first time that a Deion Sanders team has been reported as having had its belongings stolen from a locker room.

Back in Feb. 2021, Sanders reported that his belongings had been stolen from Mississippi Veterans Memorial Stadium after his first game as head coach at Jackson State University. Officials reported the items had been moved, not stolen, but Sanders doubled-down on stating that they were taken without his knowledge. The event made major headlines across the sports world as his first introduction as Sanders as head coach.

Sanders did not mention the items being stolen following the Colorado football loss to UCLA as he did at Jackson State, however, it is unclear whether he was aware of it during his press conference, which took place shortly after the loss. The Deion Sanders Jr. showed players reacting to the fact after they had gotten dressed. Sanders, of course, will likely have to address it whenever he is in front of the media again. 

Did Deion Sanders know Colorado football had their items stolen?
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