Deion Sanders
Deion Sanders

Deion Sanders’ 60 Minutes feature touches Jackson State departure

A new 60 Minutes feature starring Deion Sanders has ruffled some feathers related to Jackson State and the city as a whole.

Colorado head coach Deion Sanders was featured in 60 Minutes for the second time in less than a year on Sunday, and the topic of Jackson State was a part of the conversation.

Jon Wertheim and Sanders talked about several topics during the interview, including his announcement in December that he was leaving Jackson State and headed to Colorado. Sanders brushed off the idea that he ‘left quick.”

“I didn’t leave quick. I left when I was supposed to leave,” Sanders told Wertheim. “We finished. Most coaches get a new job and they leave expeditiously — I finished the task.”

Deion Sanders, Jackson State

Deion Sanders was also asked if there was more work he could have done at JSU. 

“I think we did a tremendous job in Jackson,” Sanders said. “I think we laid down a tremendous blueprint.”

Wertheim’s voice-over stated that Sanders was evasive in answering what prompted his departure from JSU, but stated that he hinted at ‘a lack of forward-thinking’ though Sanders was not quoted on the matter.

The interview included visuals that showed both Jackson and Boulder, CO. Many people took issue with the imagery of a run-down shotgun home to represent Jackson in contrast with affluent homes in Boulder.

Jackson State head women’s basketball coach Tomekia Reed was one of them.

“Y’all made Jackson, MS look horrible,” Reed tweeted. “You should be ashamed of yourselves for showing the worst house you can find in America and make it like that describes us. I’m not even sure if that abandoned house you showed is even in Jackson.”

Deion Sanders’ 60 Minutes feature touches Jackson State departure
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