Tytus Howard wants his NFL success to inspire HBCU players

The Houston Texans right tackle is an inspirational success story of the HBCU to NFL pipeline.

Tytus Howard, former HBCU offensive lineman, inked a significant three-year contract extension worth $56 million with the Houston Texans in July of 2023. With an impressive guaranteed sum of $36.5 million, Howard now ranks as the fifth highest-paid right tackle in the NFL.

In a recent press conference at Houston Texans Training Camp, the former Alabama State player addressed the media and expressed his desire to use his platform and success as a way of inspiration for other HBCU players who are working hard to achieve the same level of accomplishment. Howard aims to be a guiding light for athletes, motivating them to strive and reach similar heights in the future.

“Its been a long journey, and all I’ve ever wanted was a chance when I got here [Houston Texans]. The Texans gave me a chance I just rain with it,” said Howard. “I’m just grateful. Because everyone didn’t get the chance to show themselves like I did, so you know for me to go out and take advantage of it; it’s an inspiration for all the younger guys who are coming behind me from HBCUs to go out their and achieve everything that they need to do. All they need to do is out their head down and work.”

Howard received the prestigious NFLPA 2023 Black College Football Player of the Year award, last June, at the esteemed Black College Football Hall of Fame induction ceremony held in Atlanta, GA.

Tytus Howard NFL HBCU Houston Texans

Howard was a part of the 2019 NFL Draft class, making him the second HBCU player to be drafted within the first round. Within his four seasons, the right tackle has played in 54 games for the Texans. Last season alone, Howard demonstrated his ability on the field by playing more than 900 offensive snaps for the Texans. He handled 640 passes and 357 rushes; throughout the season, Howard’s presence was felt allowing only three sacks and five quarterback hits.

Tytus Howard wants his NFL success to inspire HBCU players
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