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Alabama State University to out-earn AAMU by a long shot in classic deals

The Magic City Classic will prove to be more much more profitable for one Alabama HBCU than the other.

The Magic City Classic deal continues to get sweeter — at least for Alabama State University.

Alabama State University will receive an additional $1 million in 2023 and 2025 from Alabama Sports Council, according to a contract obtained by Those seasons, Alabama State will be the home team against Alabama A&M. The $1 million figure equals $970,000, plus $30,000 for travel expenses. 

This figure comes in addition to the $500,000 both Alabama State and Alabama A&M have agreed to with the City of Birmingham to keep the Magic City Classic. Alabama A&M, however, has not agreed to a deal with the Alabama Sports Council.

That means Alabama State is set to receive a total of $1.5 million in those two seasons. Meanwhile, Alabama A&M only has the base $500,000 contract with the city.

“Although this should be a momentous occasion for both Alabama State University and Alabama A&M to receive the highest payout in the history of the MCC, and undoubtedly the largest HBCU classic football, we found ourselves at this impasse,” Alabama State President Quinton Ross told “I have to make a decision that’s in the best fiscal interest of my institution.”

During the 2024 and 2026 games — Alabama A&M home games — both schools will receive $500,000 from the city. 

Alabama State won last season’s Magic City Classic.

Alabama State University to out-earn AAMU by a long shot in classic deals
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