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Johnson C Smith offers Combine Academy big man

Smith looks to regain CIAA dominance with a scholarship offer to senior Asa White from nationally ranked Combine Academy.

After coming off a 9-16 season, Johnson C Smith men’s basketball looks on to build momentum for next year’s season. Wednesday morning news broke that Johnson C Smith sent an offer over to big man senior Asa White from nationally ranked Combine Academy.

Since 2012, Combine Academy has been successful in sending more than 500 student-athletes to colleges on athletic and academic scholarships. The basketball program at Combine Academy consists of four teams: National, Regional, Varsity, and Global. Asa White sits on the national team.

Coming off the 2023 season the national team was crowned back-to-back Phenom HoopState Champions. White played alongside high-ranking recruits like Silas Demary Jr, who’s committed to USC, Kendall Campbell, who’s committed to Elon University, and Collin Tanner who’s committed to the University of Richmond.

Combine Academy Asa White Johnson C. Smith

Asa White was an impactful post-player for Combine Academy. Phenom Hoops says White is a mobile player for his size. White has the ability to properly run the court, land a jumper and rebound at a consistent rate. The power forward is willing to get his hands dirty and play tough ball. Overall White’s versatile athleticism crafts him to be an asset for any team.

Sitting at 6 feet 9 inches and 190 pounds Asa White could be big deal at the CIAA level if he decides to make the commitment to Johnson C Smith.

Johnson C Smith offers Combine Academy big man
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