HBCU football players go viral for dangerous stunt

A few HBCU football players decided to use their helmets and pads in the hallway of their residence hall. The results led to a viral video.

Spring football is in the air, but one HBCU football program is going viral for some action that happened in a residence hall and not on the football field.

A video featuring players wearing Livingstone College jerseys and helmets and crashing into each other is making its rounds on social media.

Livingstone College is a Division II HBCU located in Salisbury, NC. LC went 4-6 during the 2022 season.

In the video, two players stood across from each other in a hallway yelling back-and-forth. They then ran towards each other, with one eventually running over the other.

The video originated on TikTok, but made its way to Twitter via Overtime
— a platform that shares viral or potentially-viral sports-related content. Since being posted at approximately 10:30 PM, more than 1.1 million views have been accumulated.

As the video made its rounds, Dr. Mark A. Williams, Livingstone College associate head coach, recruiting coordinator and defensive line coach tweeted about the incident indirectly. 

Livingstone College HBCU football
The Commemorative Classic trophy is competed for Livingstone College and Johnson C. Smith.

“For everyone messaging me about the viral video of two of our players in the dorm going head up. Not one coach approved it but in the words of Boosie…”

Williams proceeded to tweet a screenshot to the lyrics “Set It Off” by hip-hop artist Boogie Bad Azz. The lyrics read.

“You wanna talk s**t, you wanna run yo mouth…” 

HBCU football is back, baby. And it doesn’t even have to be on the playing field. 

HBCU football players go viral for dangerous stunt
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