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Deion Sanders

Colorado band job listing posted after Deion Sanders video is fake

No, that “application”you saw isn’t real.

Deion Sanders ruffled some feathers in the HBCU world earlier this week, and earned a lot of pushback for it.

The former Jackson State head coach was seen in a video telling his new colleagues at the University of Colorado how he would like the band to work with the football team in a similar way to HBCUs. The video was posted by his son, Deion Sanders, Jr.’s Youtube channel “Well Off Media.”

Deion Sanders, Colorado
Deion Sanders talks with band directors at the University of Colorado.

Not long after, someone decided to put out an image of what appeared to be an application that would likely live out his vision. The application is for “Assistant Director of Bands/Director of the Special Cultural Activities.” A look on the Colorado jobs website and a google search revealed that the document is not an actual listing.

The duties of the fictional role include: “Direct and administer all aspects of the 350-member Golden Buffalo Marching Band. Other teaching opportunities based on area of expertise and experience as assigned by the Chair of the Department of Music and Director of Bands. Collaborate with band faculty in all aspects of a comprehensive band program including teaching, conducting, recruitment, and administration.”

If that wasn’t enough, one of the preferred qualifications is “a combination of five years of teaching experience at a public or private Historically Black College or University.”

Again, the document is false. That isn’t stopping people from sharing it. That, unfortunately, is par for the course in 2023.

Colorado band job listing posted after Deion Sanders video is fake
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