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Alabama A&M defeats Florida A&M behind Simmons’ performance

Amiah Simmons added 20-points to the Bulldogs win over Florida A&M; crowing them the undefeated at home

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Alabama A&M gave Florida A&M their fifth consecutive loss in a 77-65 contest at Elmore Gymnasium on Monday evening. The Bulldogs got off to a good start, going into halftime with a 39-37 lead. They then continued to outscore the Lady Rattlers 38-28 in the second half to come away with the victory.

Amiah Simmons scored 20 points and grabbed five rebounds to lead the way for Alabama A&M. As a team, the Bulldogs shot 42% from the field, 17% from behind the arc, and 80% from the free throw line. The advanced stats told a similar story, as the team put up 1.01 points per possession on 52% true shooting.

Florida A&M was led by Dylan Horton, who recorded 21 points and six boards. The Lady Rattlers shot 28-of-70 from the field and 5-of-17 from behind the arc. Their shooting was part of larger offensive struggles that contributed to the loss. Florida A&M only mustered 0.86 points per possession on 45% true shooting.

Florida A&M

Both teams face their next test on February 25. Alabama A&M takes on Alabama State in a conference clash, while Florida A&M faces a Grambling State squad recovering from a loss of its own. The Bulldogs will look to keep their momentum rolling and earn another win. On the other side, the Lady Rattlers will get a shot to recover from this loss.

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Alabama A&M defeats Florida A&M behind Simmons’ performance
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