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HBCU Gameday staff debuts 2022 D2/NAIA football poll

You’ve seen our staff FCS Poll rankings. Now HBCU Gameday brings you our preseason top 10 from the D2 ranks.

HBCU Football polls go back at least 100 years, to the 1920s. HBCU Gameday hasn’t been around that long — we’re celebrating our 10th anniversary this month — but we have had some skin in the game for a minute now.

Without going too long, HBCU Gameday is introducing its inaugural staff polls for FCS and Division II/NAIA HBCU Football. Our polls will come out weekly throughout the season as we watch and vote.

Points were assigned for each vote, with a first-place vote being worth ten points and a 10th place vote being worth one point. Points were tabulated to compile the top 10. 

The FCS poll results can be found here.

Without further ado, here is the inaugural HBCU Gameday Preseason D2 HBCU Football poll as voted on by our staff. 

HBCU Gameday Staff D2 Poll

10. Lane College
Lane showed its teeth early in the 2021 season but the Dragons soon ran out of fuel. Can it maintain it and make its move this year?

9. Kentucky State
Kentucky State had some moments in 2021, but it will be heading into 2022 with a new head coach.

HBCU Gameday
Chennis Berry’s Benedict squad should be in the SIAC East mix this fall.

8. Benedict College
Benedict made some strides under Chennis Berry last year, so some expect them to be the top challenger to Albany State in the SIAC East. 

7. Tuskegee
The Reginald Ruffin Show is here for a good time, but not a long time. Will it be enough to get the Golden Tigers back in the hunt? 

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6. Savannah State
Savannah State is starting over with a new head coach and has seen an exodus of many of its key players. 

5. Miles College
Reginald Ruffin has left the building, and headed down the street. Can Miles still keep the West on lock?

HBCU Gameday
Shaw will be looking to make its move in the CIAA South.

T-4. Shaw
Shaw has been the bridesmaid to the bridesmaid in the CIAA South. Can it ruin the Broncos planned coronation?

T-4. Va. Union
Virginia Union has been waiting in the wings of the CIAA North for nearly a decade. If not now — when? 

HBCU Gameday
Albany State heads into this season as the hunted in the SIAC.

3. Albany State (one first-place votes)
After rising to the top of the SIAC, Albany State now has the task of staying on top of the conference. 

2. Bowie State (Two first-place votes)
Bowie State has undergone massive change since last season. From its head coach to its defensive coordinator to many of its top players. All eyes are now on Prince George’s County. 

HBCU Gameday
Fayetteville State is hoping the fifth time is the charm.

1. Fayetteville State (Two first-place votes)
Fayetteville State has been the bridesmaid in the CIAA for the last half-decade. Is this the year it finally breaks through and claims the big prize?  At least two of our voters think so. 

Receiving votes: Virginia State, Langston and Morehouse

HBCU Gameday staff debuts 2022 D2/NAIA football poll
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