Coach Reed Elite Basketball Camp
Jackson State

Tomekia Reed draws elite talent for Jackson State camp

The camp draws 85 high level players from across the South.

Tomekia Reed is wasting no time showing off her Jackson State women’s basketball program with the first basketball camp of summer 2021.

Dubbed “Advanced Skill Training for The Elite,” the back-to-back SWAC champs hosted about 85 top-tier ballers from high schools from Florida to Texas and all across Mississippi. That’s impressive growth when you consider just three years ago, only twenty-five attended her first camp at JSU.

Thee PreGame Show stopped by the camp to interview coaches and players. See the highlights of day one here:

An Elite Level Basketball Camp

This basketball camp is not your run-of-the-mill camp.

“We take them through workouts like we do at Jackson State with our basketball team,” Reed said. “I don’t want to have to camp to just to have camp – I want to teach, prepare and train them. So when they leave, I want them to take away some nuggets. That’s what they are here for and that’s what I find joy in.”

Hayleigh Breland from Stone County said she learned a lot through the camp’s drills.

“I’m a crafty guard, and when I mess up a little, then I know it’s work,” she said. “I’ve never been on a D1 campus around D1 players – so its been a good experience in seeing what they do.”

When asked about how her camp has grown in just three years, Tomekia Reed said she was excited that Jackson State is on the map.

“People want to come play for us and play in front of us,” she said. “It’s all about building relationships. It gives us an edge in recruitment. Not only do they get to meet us, they get to meet our players – and see our players face to face.”

From Basketball Player to Basketball Camp Coach

The camp is not only staffed by Jackson State assistant coaches but players as well.

“When your players get on the floor and do the coaching – that tells they’re learning something,” Coach Reed said.

Reed is even prouder when she hears her players sounding like her.

“They are mini mes walking and I love it,” she said.

When asked about the camp and being around college players, Audria Houston, the #3 ranked player in Mississippi from Tupelo High School, said she had a good experience learning new drills she can go home and practice.

“It feels good to be around players who’ve been through the stuff we’ve been through – high school – and are now at the elite level,” she said.

A Primetime Camp Visitor

But Coach Reed and her staff weren’t the only coaches at the camp. Deion Sanders himself paid a visit to the camp and brought his son, Sheduer Sanders, as well.

Coach Prime speaks to players at Coach Reed's elite basketball camp

Tomekia Reed felt the campers meeting “Coach Prime” added to the camp experience.

“He shared some words of wisdom and got them excited,” she said.

Laila Walker, a 6’1″ elite player from Harrison Central, said it was nice to meet him.

“I heard a lot of stuff about him and his son,” she said. “[It was nice to] hear how we can do what we can do to keep going. It’s been a good experience and I know for sure I’m going to play at the next level, so I have to take every opportunity that hits my way.”

Katelyn Brinkley from Ridgeland High School was excited about the camp and being on the college campus.

“It’s been a great experience,” she said. “I’m really grateful for the opportunity. It’s a great environment.”

By the looks of things in Jackson, Reed’s Lady Tigers will be shooting for not only a few more recruits – but a few more SWAC Championship rings as well.

Tomekia Reed draws elite talent for Jackson State camp
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