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Hornet Strong: ASU Athletic Director reflects on the racial injustice.

ASU Athletic Director sends a healing message to the Hornet community.

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On May 25th 2020 the earth seemingly stood still once again. Heartache, anger and overall fatigue has filled the nation’s atmosphere following the tragic killing of George Floyd. Alabama as well as many other states went to the streets to protest the racial injustice and cried out for peace.

Hundreds gathered at the Alabama Capitol building in Montgomery this past Saturday to mourn Floyd as well as many other African Americans whose lives were taken too soon. It is evident that these events have uncapped a sea of emotions that have only added more pain to this present pandemic.  

Jennifer Lynne Williams, Athletic Director of Alabama State, released a statement today addressing the tragedies that have unfolded from Floyd’s death and the retaliations from it.


“Right now, many people in our country are numb and cannot truly bring themselves to articulate how the recent events of inequality and blatant disregard of justice for people of color has left us vulnerable,” says Williams “ Being a champion for a marginalized population, a voice for the voiceless, is synonymous with ASU and the city of Montgomery, the birthplace of the Civil Rights Movement. Please continue to stay safe, continue to stay resilient and continue to stay Hornet Strong.”

Hornet Strong: ASU Athletic Director reflects on the racial injustice.
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