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Top 50 CIAA Basketball scorers of all-time

The CIAA has been producing top-tier scorers for nearly 100 years.

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Since being birthed on the campus of Hampton Institute in 1912, the CIAA has produced thousands of talented student athletes across the sports spectrum.

Basketball, however, has been the CIAA’s calling card for most of its existence thanks to its legendary tournament, coaches and players.

Here are the top 50 scorers in CIAA history to date. 

Colon became the highest scorer in the last 40 years at WSSU.

50. Leonard Harris, VSU (76-89) — 1,733
48. Francis Proctor, JSCU (76-80) — 1,737
48. Robert Colon, WSSU (16-20) — 1,737
47. Bobby Dandridge, NSU (65-68) — 1,740
46. Sam Jones, NCCU (51-57) — 1,745
45. Darryl Warrick, Hampton (77-81) — 1,755
44. Melvin Abrams, JCSU (93-96) — 1,769
43. Anthony Bogan, St. Aug (77-81) — 1,785
42. Lafonte Moses, St. Aug (95-99) — 1,807

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Top 50 CIAA Basketball scorers of all-time
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