Black Panther and Tennessee State shine at MTV movie awards

Chadwick Boseman took a moment to recognize a real-life superhero.

On Monday night Howard graduate Chadwick Boseman won the “Best Performance in a Movie” award at the MTV Movie Awards for his performance in Black Panther.  Hardly a surprise but what he did while on stage did catch some off guard.

During his acceptance speech, Boseman brought a real-life Superhero onto the stage. James Shaw Jr., a Tennessee State alum, surprisingly accepted the invitation onto the stage.

Boseman gave his “golden popcorn statue” to Shaw to keep while heaping praise on him. Back in April, the 29-year-old  wrestled an AR-15 assault rifle from a gunman who burst into an Antioch, Tenn. Waffle House and opened fire.

“You didn’t even know we were about to do this,” Chadwick laughed as the crowd erupted in applause. “If you don’t know James – he fought off a gunman in Antioch, Tennessee … a Waffle House. He saved lives.

“So this is gonna live at your house. God bless you man.”

Shaw set up a GoFundMe page in the aftermath of the shooting for the victims and their families.  In May, he presented a check of more than $241,000 to the families, and injured victims, at a private ceremony at Tennessee State University.



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