Ken Griffey Jr father of Tevin Griffey

Ken Griffey Jr., football Dad and photographer

Baseball Hall of Famer Ken Griffey Jr. was showing off his skills behind the lens at FAMU’s Homecoming.

Ken Griffey Jr. is baseball royalty, after a Hall of Fame career that spanned 22 seasons. Now you can catch the 53 year old doing Dad duties with a little bit of flair. HBCU Gameday’s Vaughn Wilson spotted Griffey over the weekend shooting photographs on the sideline at the homecoming game for Florida A&M. Griffey’s son Tevin is a defensive back for the Rattlers.

Griffey wasn’t just snapping pics with his iPhone, assuming he’s not an Android person. He was fully equipped with a long range telephoto lens, monopod and professional camera. Not to get buried in technical jargon but he obviously takes the craft seriously with the tools that he had on hand. And he appears to prefer Sony over Canon and Nikon, at least on this assignment.

And he certainly had the opportunity to come home with the perfect photo for the collection. Tevin Griffey scored on a pick six for the final score of the game versus Prairie View A&M on Saturday.

According to a tweet by FAMU Athletic Director Tiffani-Dawn Sykes ‘The Kid’ caught his kid perfectly on the play. Sykes posted a photo of Griffey looking through his camera and checking out the photos he caught during the play.

Tevin Griffey wears the ‘Big Play Chain’ after his pick-six interception on Saturday.

Social Media reacts to Griffey

Griffey was a huge hit on social media overnight as people were delighted to see Griffey enjoying the craft and the moment with his son.

Twitter/X user Brandon Broxey wrote, “One of the the best things ever is seeing world class, hall of fame, insane athletes becoming the same dorky eye roll dads as the rest of us.”

Other users were either pocket counting the value of his photography gear or trying to figure out where to get one of the Swingman hats he was wearing.

“Need this hat so bad. Going to be up all night trying different variations of “Ken Griffey Jr. swing hat” in google until I find it. Iconic,” wrote user ‘Era_Era_Erik.’

Tevin Griffey has seven tackles and one interception in seven games so far this season.

Ken Griffey Jr., football Dad and photographer
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