LeBron James gets Shedeur Sanders and Travis Hunter starstruck

LeBron James stopped to show Shedeur Sanders and Travis Hunter some love and the college football stars were geeked.

LeBron James tipped off his 21st season of NBA basketball on Tuesday with Travis Hunter and Shedeur Sanders sitting courtside.

The 38-year-old forward and his Los Angeles Lakers teammates were in Denver to take on the Nuggets on Tuesday night and the Colorado University football stars were on hand to take in the game. 

LeBron James has previously displayed his appreciation for Shedeur and Travis’ talents online, tweeting about the quarterback’s five-touchdown performance against FAMU while at Jackson State back in 2022. Tuesday he took the time to stop and greet both the former Jackson State football stars.

Here’s how the exchange went:

LeBron James, Shedeur Sanders, Travis Hunter

Shedeur Sanders: “Sup, ‘Bron.” 

LeBron James: “Love y’all boys.” 

Travis Hunter: “Yes sir.” 

Shedeur Sanders: “You got to send us your jersey. You gotta get us right.” 

James finished greeting the pair and then walked towards the locker room. 

Hunter looked at Sanders and screamed with excitement in the aftermath of their visit from ‘The King.’

The duo was also interviewed on the court where they tried to come up with an NBA comparison to their connection.

“We’re like LeBron and D-Wade,” Hunter said with a smile. “Gotta be LeBron and D-Wade.”

Shedeur agreed with that assessment but also offered another comparison.

“Or like Steph Curry and, uh…”

“Klay (Thompson),” Hunter said, helping out his teammate. “Who the shooter?”

“Me,” Shedeur replied as the two shared a laugh on-camera.

LeBron James gets Shedeur Sanders and Travis Hunter starstruck
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