Deion Sanders, Colorado-HBCU joke earns Rickey Smiley some smoke

Rickey Smiley joked about Deion Sanders impact on Colorado and made a lot of people mad by suggesting it was turning into an HBCU

Comedian Rickey Smiley is the latest prominent figure to suggest that Deion Sanders being at Colorado has transformed the school into an HBCU.

The Alabama State University graduate spoke about Sanders’ impact at Colorado on his show Friday morning 

‘My great-grandma done wrote a letter tryin’ to go to Colorado, talkin’ bout she wanna enroll,”  Smiley joked with co-host Roc-T.  “I said you can’t be on the football team. She just wanna go be a student. And she’s 98. He done turned Colorado into a damn HBCU.”

Deion Sanders, Colorado

The duo continued its conversation. 

“Now all the damn white people are out there talkin’ about ‘bomp, bomp, bomp.’ White people are on beat in Colorado. Ain’t nobody double-clappin.’ Ain’t nobody clappin’ on the upbeat. White people is in rhythm and everything in Colorado.”

But, according to Smiley, there are a few things about Colorado’s band that needs some work. 

“They stiff. They ain’t kicking’ they legs up, pointin’ toes,” Smiley said. “Them majorette’s gotta get on point. They gotta go get ‘em some BBLs, cuz all them booties flat as a credit card. Flat as a drivers license.”

Smiley was clearly joking —  he is a comedian — but some folks didn’t find his schtick funny. This isn’t the first time someone has equated Deion Sanders’ presence at the state flagship school in Boulder, CO to channeling HBCU culture. Just last week, Fox Sports commentator R.J. Young quipped that Colorado’s mascot “Ralphie The Buffalo” ‘went’ HBCU.

The response to that can be read here for anyone who ACTUALLY takes this opinion semi-seriously. 

Rickey Smiley,

Rickey Smiley, on the other hand, is a comedian/radio host who says things for interaction. He gave a commencement speech at Miles College as recently as this spring and not only talks about and supports HBCUs, but has sent his children to them. Clearly he knows the difference between Colorado State-Colorado and the Magic City Classic. Not everyone will like the joke, but at least Smiley knows it’s a joke, unlike some others.

Deion Sanders, Colorado-HBCU joke earns Rickey Smiley some smoke
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