Alabama A&M at Magic City Classic
Alabama A&M

Magic City Classic gets cease and desist from Alabama A&M

Alabama A&M is putting demands on Magic City Classic organizers as officials comment on game’s status.

Alabama A&M University and Alabama State University are set to meet up in the Magic City Classic on Oct. 28. But Alabama A&M recently sent a cease-and-desist on using its branding to the Alabama Sports Council, which oversees the game. 

Executive director of the Magic City Classic Perren King says the game will go on as planned despite the AAMU CAD.

“We were a bit caught off guard by the letter we received a little more than 24 hours ago to our chairperson of the Alabama Sports Council,” King said via WBRC.“Clearly there’s some confusion but we are definitely working through as a group to make sure that there’s clarity sought.”

Alabama A&M

AAMU is also demanding the ASC make all books and records available for inspection and auditing relating to revenue generated and compensation paid under a management agreement between ASC, A&M and ASU. Alabama A&M announced it was forming a task force concerning the game earlier this year.

“We do take all questions or concerns very seriously, which is what our team is doing now to make sure that we’re clarifying but then continue to be able to produce the event that’s going to happen,” King said.

Birmingham Mayor Randall Woodfin says he’s reached out to Alabama A&M President Daniel K. Wims to make sure everything is a go. 

“I reached out to President Wims to express my disappointment in this form of correspondence. Timing is everything and we are five weeks before Classic,” Woodfin said. “This doesn’t fit the tenor of good faith or relationships. To be clear this back and forth hurts the brand of the Classic and what we have built for more than 80 years. Alumni of both institutions want and deserve a Classic we can all be proud of.”

Magic City Classic gets cease and desist from Alabama A&M
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