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Howard University NIL collective announced

Howard University is putting together an NIL Collective that allows fans to support student-athletes.

WASHINGTON, D.C. (September 20, 2023) – myNILpay, the first-ever digital platform that allows fans to pay NCAA student-athletes directly and compliantly, today announced a partnership with The Mecca Society to power Howard University’s NIL collective. myNILpay is a patent-pending platform that allows college sports fans to directly pay student-athletes through a seamless, NCAA-compliant method leveraging their NIL rights. In a first-of-its-kind partnership for the platform,myNILpay will be the primary source for the newly launched collective to provide financial support for its student-athletes.

By harnessing the power of NIL, The Mecca Society aims to expand opportunities for Howard University student-athletes to receive financial support during their collegiate career that they otherwise would not have had access to. The NIL collective will not only allow them to be compensated for their performance but also help them realize their earning potential for their personal brand. 

“By launching the University’s marquee NIL collective, we are going to further enhance our student-athletes’ NIL earning potential, and with the help of myNILpay, our diehard fanbase and alumni network now has an effortless platform to support their Bison family,” said Eric Grant, Board Member of The Mecca Society NIL Collective. “This is only the beginning, but it’s clear that our student-athletes have as bright of a future as any in college athletics. We strongly encourage all Bison fans to support our student-athletes through the myNILpayapp.”

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“myNILpay and The Mecca Society will help Howard University student-athletes maximize their earning potential,” said Brent Chapman, CEO of myNILpay. “This financial support will open countless doors for many of these athletes and will allow them to recognize their value.”

To support Howard University student-athletes through myNILpay, fans can download the platform’s app on their mobile devices. Every NCAA-registered athlete is in the database and can be supported by simply entering the amount of money to send. An email is sent directly to the student-athlete’s school email to accept the funds, which are deposited directly into their linked bank account. Upon receipt, the fan will receive a unique digital asset featuring the athlete’s name and digital signature to complete the transaction in compliance with the NCAA quid pro quo requirement. No additional action is needed for the student-athlete.

Since launching in May, myNILpay has assisted student-athletes across all NCAA divisions to monetize their NIL rights directly through the support of college sports fans and school alumni. To begin supporting student-athletes, download themyNILpay app from the Apple App Store, Google Play Store or visit

Howard University NIL collective announced
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