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FAMU coach puts football on pause after music video appearance

Simmons went to social media to express his frustration and instituted the suspension of activities.   

Florida A&M head coach Willie Simmons put an abrupt halt to all activities related to football as of Friday night.  Simmons made the decision in reaction to a rap video that surfaced on social media featuring popular rapper Boston Richey.   

Richey filmed portions of the video in the FAMU field house where officially licensed FAMU apparel was visible.  

Richey is from Tallahassee and has been known to make big appearances.  Last fall he brought out all the youth in town as he brought mega rap star Future to Tallahassee to visit.  Boston Richey and Future went on a sneaker shopping spree in the local mall and then went to the local housing project and distributed the shoes free to those in need.  Boston Richey also made a splash at FAMU’s homecoming last year, pulling up to Bragg Stadium in two customized Maybach Luxury SUVs. 

Simmons is currently on a multi-city fundraising tour and has been everywhere from Jacksonville to Texas raising funds for FAMU Athletics and Rattler football.  The Rattlers are in the conditioning and acclimation phase of Summer meaning they can not work out with coaches, but are under the guidance of Director of Strength and Conditioning Cole Forney who oversees their strength and conditioning.  While construction is going on in the Bragg Stadium parking lot, players as of today have been weightlifting and going through pre-season conditioning. 

Simmons went to social media to express his frustration and instituted the suspension of activities.   

“Earlier today, it was brought to my attention that a rap video was shot by a prominent rapper in the football locker room of Galimore-Powell Fieldhouse without proper authorization,” Simmons said.   “The video contained graphic language that is not consistent with Florida A&M’s core values, principles, and beliefs and an internal investigation is underway to determine who authorized the use of not only the athletic facility at Galimore-Powell, but also licensed apparel that potentially violates university branding and licensing agreements.” 

FAMU Boston Richey Willie Simmons

A screenshot of the video that as of Friday at midnight have over 55,000 views

Willie Simmons is in the last phase of preparing for the 2023 season. With a record number of transfers since the advent of the transfer portal, the Rattler staff is trying to reload one of the best defenses in the country for the orange and green. With it being just a week away from SWAC media day, one would have to understand that Simmons will be under big lights and microphones of the college football media and this is certainly not the line of questioning he is hoping to go down. 

Willie Simmons, himself a connoisseur of hip hop, challenges the appropriateness of the video being filmed on campus with the explicit lyrics.   

“Although I am a proud proponent of free speech and support all forms of musical expression, this football team (as ambassadors of Florida A&M University) has a responsibility to protect the University’s image. As a result of this unfortunate situation, as head football coach I am effectively suspending all football-related activities until further notice, “ Simmons said.  “It is a privilege to wear the Orange and Green and as a football program, our young men have failed to live up to the standard set before them. They will all learn from this mishap and we will continue to work hard every day to become the best version of ourselves and continue to make Rattler Nation proud.”  

FAMU coach puts football on pause after music video appearance
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