LeBron James cleats coming to FAMU football

It looks like FAMU will be wearing LeBron James-themed footwear on the field this fall.

The LeBron James and FAMU partnership is a unique one in college athletics, which results in some exclusive gear.

It looks like Florida A&M will play on the field in football cleats cut from the LeBron James cloth.

FAMU Equipment posted a tweet on its Twitter account with the cleats that read “Coming Soon To The Highest of Seven Hills” — which is a nickname for the Tallahassee-based university.

The green-and-orange cleats feature a tongue that has a LeBron James logo sandwiched between two Florida A&M logos.

The two sides connected in spring of 2021 when FAMU became the first college to wear the LeBron branding on its uniforms and equipment. NIKE supplies all team footwear, uniforms, apparel and equipment. Florida A&M’s sports teams are outfitted in LeBron James uniforms, apparel and footwear, including footwear designed specifically for the university, as part of this relationship.

LeBron James Florida A&M, FAMU

Initially, all of the LeBron James-themed gear was reserved solely for the student-athletes (and staff at Florida A&M). Earlier this year Nike released a version available for purchase for the masses.

There’s no word as to whether these cleats will be sold to the masses at this time.

As for Florida A&M football, it will kick off its season on Sunday, Sept. 3 against Jackson State University. 

LeBron James cleats coming to FAMU football
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