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Jackson State transfer LB Kaseem Vauls progressing after cardiac arrest

Kaseem Vauls is making progressive strides after suffering from cardiac arrest

After coming into the hospital for stomach pains on February 15, Jackson State tranfer linebacker Kaseem Vauls had to have emergency surgery due to cardiac arrest.

His father, William Vauls, took to his son’s Twitter to report a successful surgery but Kaseem was fully sedated. “The machine is so his organs can rest and not work so hard. Then they will lower down the sedation so he can wake up on his own but that might be until day 4 on the machine,” said William.

Kaseem Vauls, Jackson State

February 24, William shared that Kaseem’s heart was functioning at 50 percent, kidney numbers were decreasing to a desired level, and even though still slightly sedated Kaseem’s brain and lungs were functioning well.

William continued to provide periodic updates and simply asked for prayers and visits from friends, Jackson State athletes, alumni and staff.

On Thursday, William tweeted the latest information about his son’s condition.

“The doctors took Kaseem off the machine that was helping his heart because they feel his heart is rested and doing well supporting itself. Today they saiid they will be taking him off the ventilator because his lungs are doing great on their own,” William tweet. “He has been awake and alert. They are getting fluid off of him and working on his kidneys to fine tune them. Family keep praying. Thank you guys for your prayers, love, and support!”

Jackson State transfer LB Kaseem Vauls progressing after cardiac arrest
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