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NC A&T QB Jalen Fowler gains NFL interest after HBCU Combine

Fowler has turned a solid performance at the HBCU Combine into genuine interest from NFL teams.

After an impressive showing at the HBCU Combine several NFL teams have shown interest in North Carolina A&T (NC A&T) quarterback Jalen Fowler.

According to Sports Editor Ethan Hurwitz; the Patriots, Giants, Lions, and Chiefs met with Fowler during the HBCU Combine which was held in New Orleans, LA this week.

NC A&T North Carolina A&T Jalen Fowler

Jalen Fowler’s performance at North Carolina A&T

Jalen Fowler came to North Carolina A&T in 2017 holding his high school’s record for most touchdowns in a single game, offensive MVP, first-team all-area, and first-team all-region. Fowler made his quarterback debut for the Aggies in 2019. During a pivotal 47-17 victory against Bethune-Cookman, Fowler completed two touchdowns and had 105 passing yards.

After coming back in 2021 from an injury and COVID cancellations, Jalen Fowler threw 1,700 yards for the Aggies; ranking him 61st in the Nation and sixth in the Big South in total passing yards. He had a career-high of 268 yards against Furman. This dual-threat quarterback completed 56% of his passes, completed 58 carries (totaling 108 yards), and added 14 interceptions.

During his Senior season at NC A&T Jalen Fowler ranked second in the Big South and 10th in the country in completion yards (total of 127). For total offense, Jalen ranked 61st in the country and 6th in the Big South Conference.

Last season Jalen completed 141 yards for 15 touchdowns (totaling 1796 yards). As a quarterback, Fowler is both mobile and effective when on the field.

NC A&T QB Jalen Fowler gains NFL interest after HBCU Combine
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