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Marcus Stokes gets another HBCU offer — and that’s ok

Does Marcus Stokes deserve a chance to play at an HBCU? Of course he does.

For the second time this week, former Florida commit Marcus Stokes has picked up an offer from an HBCU. 

Alabama A&M has offered the four-star quarterback, according to his Twitter account. This comes on the heels of an offer he received from Albany State earlier this week. 

Albany State came into the mix recently, with Stokes tweeting that he was “Blessed to receive my first HBCU offer to play at Albany State University!” 

Albany State is a Division II HBCU that competes in the Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Conference. It is transitioning to a new head coach in former Florida A&M legend and Jacksonville Jaguar quarterback Quinn Gray.

Why is a four-star quarterback posting offers from FCS and Division II schools? 

Marcus Stokes posted a video in November of him rapping the N-word in lyrics to a rap song. Stokes later apologized for the video “hurtful and offensive to many people.” Florida, however, still rescinded his scholarship offer. Other schools — primarily of the Power Five variety — halted their recruitment as well. 

Since news of Stokes’ first offer came to light, there has been much debate as to whether or not HBCUs should be offering him. 

Marcus Stokes is a talented 17-year-old kid who made an ill-advised social media post, which he apologized for and lost his scholarship offer. HBCUs have given chances to young men who have been accused of and even convicted of far worse than Stokes. 

His post was problematic, but attending an HBCU might be just what he needs to understand why it was. He would have professors that could make him understand — if he’s willing — why those words out of HIS mouth hit differently than out of the mouths of his teammates. (Who could probably use the same lesson.)

Yes, young men that look like Marcus Stokes get way more second chances than most. If HBCUs have the healing powers we believe they do, the redemption of Marcus Stokes would be another chapter in that book.

Marcus Stokes gets another HBCU offer — and that’s ok
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