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Fashion trends on display at GHOE

This article was submitted by the communications department of North Carolina A&T State University.

As with many things in life, fashion trends seem to come and go.

At N.C. A&T, all the fashion trends you used to see, wish to see, and hope to see always
show up and show out during homecoming season.

In 2021, we have taken fashion trends from the 70s, 90s and early 2000s to create a trend
of our own. From the 70s, we took their big hair and colorful prints.

From the 90s

From the 90s, we took their oversized clothing and fitted caps. From the early 2000s, we
took their “aesthetic.” The miniskirts, subtle makeup, printed tanks, platform shoes and
more all came from the early 2000s, or, as we call it, Y2K.

To stay on trend, when picking your outfits for the events, it is important that you take a
piece from each era to reflect in your selection. Here are a few outfits and accessories you
can wear to these “lit” events, depending on what your style is.

The first step to finding the perfect outfit is discovering your style. Is it cozy,
grunge/futuristic, streetwear, girly or tomboy? Factor in your accessories when deciding
your style; jewelry, sunglasses, bags, socks.

Finding the right outfit for you

The second step to finding the outfit best for you is knowing what you will be doing at each
event. For instance, the tailgate and football game will consist of a lot of walking meaning,
you don’t want to wear your most uncomfortable shoes, or tightest pants. The concert will
also consist of a lot of movement, but you don’t have to choose the comfort route.

The first events taking place will be the tailgate and football game. At the football game,
students rep their school by wearing the university paraphernalia. The perfect outfit would
be A&T gear with a pair of Jordan 4’s, Yeezy’s (any collection), or Nike Dunks. For bottoms
you can wear a cool pair of pants or jeans that have prints, writing, drawings, or rips on

“Every year I wear A&T gear paired with the latest pair of sneakers,” A&T senior Kenadi
Powers said. “Two years ago, Jordan 1s were trending, so I made sure I wore those with a
pair of printed pants and a nice bag to match.”

The next events to prepare for are the Hip-hop/Rap concert and the step show. Both events
are the places you go to showcase your fashion sense. Everyone attending the concert, the
step show, and/or the after-parties are always dressed in their best outfits. Like everything
else, knowing your style will determine what you wear.

Streetwear: Baggier clothes, graphic tees, fly sneaker, minimal jewelry, maybe a tote bag.

Girly: Mini skirt or dress, with a fitted shirt, heels, boots (heeled), cute fashionable
handbag, subtle arm jewelry and neck jewelry (thin chained necklace)

Futuristic/punk rock: Leather Pants, Doc Martens, or any shoe that gives a futuristic/punk
rock feel, Bulky Jewelry (preferably silver), graphic tee, ACDC Tee, padded shoulder shirt,
cage like purse, ski sunglasses, trucker hat if needed.

Cozy: Very neutral colored, sweatpants that fit your body type (not too loose, not too tight),
crewneck sweater to match (plain colored, or vintage looking), gold jewelry, and minimal
makeup for women, trucker hat, and canvas tote bag.

“I love going to homecoming and being able to see different outfits from students from
different cities,” A&T Senior Valerie Epps said. “Each city has their own swag that’s unique
to them.”

Mylayah McNeill is a junior Public Relations student at N.C. A&T from Charlotte,
North Carolina.

Fashion trends on display at GHOE
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