Deion Sanders
Deion Sanders

Deion Sanders generating Power Five buzz already

Deion Sanders has only coached eight games at Jackson State, but some in the media are already floating him for Power Five gigss.

Deion Sanders and his Jackson State football program are off to a 2-0 start and prepping for a big game against an FBS opponent.

Meanwhile, his name is already being floated for Power Five jobs, including his alma mater — Florida State University. Fox Sports College Football Analyst Joel Klatt mentioned Sanders as a potential replacement for USC as it has fired Clay Helton.

Rick Eisen talked about the possibility of Sanders getting a Power Five job.

“Keep winning,” he said on the Rich Eisen Show. “And keep winning in style and keep talking about the kids and keep showing what you’re doing.”

Eisen mentioned the fact that his son, Shedeur Sanders, is one of the top athletes benefiting from Name, Image and Likeness.

The long-time television host has also been a collegue of Deion Sanders, and admits he’s biased towards him. He acknowledged and addressed the fact that many people think he’s not serious about being a coach. 

“His whole life he’s been being called a sideshow. And then all he does is be a professional and crush it,” Eisen said. 

“It’s a persona. That’s what it is. But it’s also a persona that is magnetic for everybody. And in this day and age, when you need to have a leg up on reaching somebody, reaching a kid — you need to have a leg up, on getting your program out there, because everybody’s trying it. Give this a try. Coach Prime. I’m serious.”

Eisen shared a story about how he knows that Sanders is serious about coaching. When it was time for Sanders to be selected to the Hall of Fame, the NFL attempted to send a car to pick him up to come to the television broadcast. Sanders refused because he was holding a youth football practice at the same time,” per Eisen.

“He was not going to look these kids in the face and say, ‘I’m leaving for my personal moment,” he said. “We sent a car for him, and he wouldn’t get in it. He was livid at even being asked to do this for the network and for the Hall. Livid! Because he’s not going to look a kid in the face and say you’ve got to give me your all when I’m now an individual saying ‘see ya, leaving practice and I’ve got to take this Hall of Fame individual honor. “

Sanders eventually showed up at the broadcast, still with his coaching whistle.

Deion Sanders and Jackson State will face off against ULM on Saturday. The game will kick off at 8 PM EST and be streamed on ESPN3. 

Deion Sanders generating Power Five buzz already
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