Deion Sanders JSU
Deion Sanders

Deion Sanders, JSU ready to join Under Armour

Hiring Deion Sanders led Jackson State to switch its apparel affiliation. JSU is looking to use the affiliation to separate itself from the pack.

Deion Sanders’ is hands-on

Deion Sanders posted a video of himself picking out swatches for JSU’s uniforms last week. Johnson said that the Hall of Famer has been very hands on.

“We wanted to make sure that we did our due diligence in researching and finding those looks that were iconic, and those ones that the Tigers won a lot of games while wearing. I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag, but let’s just say— stripes will play a big part in some of the looks we have coming up.”

It makes sense, as Deion Sanders was all about looking good on the field and off it, as a player.

“He’s all about the look, he’s all about how we’re going to look, what we’re going to look like…so he’s very instrumental in design combinations, all that type of stuff. He made it clear in one of our first conversations that it has nothing to do with micro-managing, it has nothing to do with someone thinking that you can’t do your job, moreso that he enjoys being a part of how things look and how things go together.”

JSU might be seeing red

They have those accent colors that they use as accents, but they also use it as a one-off. Whether its to pay tribute to something or whether it’s to highlight the multitude of colors the program has.

“We’re gonna be classy. We’re gonna have our classic blue and white, but we’re going to be able to now, with this partnership and some of the things that UA offers…we’re gonna be able to build on those classic, iconic looks, but take it further.

“At the end of the day, you don’t wanna be vanilla. Because when you start to be vanilla, you start to lose some of the attraction that you have for some of those top-tier athletes.”

“And lets just be honest, we can’t give them some of the things that Alabama can, or a Clemson can, or an Auburn can, or a LSU can. But the one thing we can give them is the look. We can make sure that they look just as good, or not better, than some of those Power Five, top five, top ten programs in the country. Where we lack in certain things, we can make up for it in others.”

There’s a good chance there will be a tribute to recently deceased coach W.C. Gorden.

“Even if it is a red uniform and its just a one-off to pay tribute to Coach Gorden, or to wear to the W.C. Gorden Classic, or to have it has an accent on the uniform or as a pant to offset the white jersey on the road or whatever it is, I think it will be something….”

Whether its red, whether its grey, whether it’s pink for breast cancer awareness…whatever it is, I think as long as we incorporate the main colors, the blue and the white for the Jackson State Tigers…and we don’t go just way off in left field with a design, I think the things that we’re getting ready to do here in the next four to five months, man is going to be monumental.”

No Under Armour/SWAC Unity

JSU will be the third SWAC program underneath the Under Armour brand. The other two are Texas Southern and Southern University. When asked if fans needed to worry about uniforms looking similar, especially to Southern, Johnson was definitive:

“There ain’t gonna be no resemblance. I’ll stand on a table 10-out-of-10 times and say that. I have a great relationship with the equipment guy down there at that other school in Baton Rouge and I called him when this was getting ready to go down the pike.”

“I said just know, don’t be upset when we are now the featured Under Armour school in the SWAC. It’s no longer gonna be about you guys. I love you, but it ain’t gonna be about you guys no more. We are taking that and we’re going to put it at the top of the SWAC. Where we’re getting to head back to. Where we belong.”

“There’s a reason why companies like an Under Armour will come to a Jackson State and take them direct. It’s reasons for that, and so, there could be some similarities. It’s probably like a footwear piece, or something like that, but when it comes to gear, and clothing and what we’re going to wear on a day-to-day basis and that sort of

“I’ll bet my paycheck and my job that we won’t look like them guys down the road.”


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Deion Sanders, JSU ready to join Under Armour
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