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Brandon Parker learning the game from one of the best

Brandon Parker

NC A&T rookie is an eager student at Raiders workouts.

Courtesy: Oakland Raiders

When the Oakland Raiders drafted Brandon Parker out of North Carolina A&T it was euphoria in HBCU circles. Not everyone was jumping for joy, however. Especially the starting left tackle for the Raiders, Pro Bowler Donald Penn.

“I told everybody man, I’m a competitor, and I was a little pissed,” Penn told “I was a little pissed when it first happened, but that left fast man. ”

Penn an 11-year veteran who signed a two-year, $21 million contract extension last September, got over it after talking with head coach Jon Gruden. He understands Parker is part of the long-term plan on the offensive line along with fellow rookie Kolton Miller.

They’ve been great ever since they got here, man,” Penn said. “They’ve been picking my brain, asking questions; they’re two great, humble kids. It’s good to get a humble kid in here that just wants to come in and learn,” Penn said.

Opportunity will soon be here

Penn is 35 years old and says he hopes to play two more years at a high level.  Quarterback Derrick Carr, in theory, should still be there long after Penn is gone. Penn sees it as his responsibility to groom Parker to be able to take care of Carr in the future.

“I love D.C., that’s my boy, so when I’m done playing I want to make sure that whoever comes in after me protects D.C. like I do. I’m going to make sure those guys are ready, they’re there listening, they’re in my back hip everywhere we go.”

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