This new law will make Homecoming Season in NC even more lit

North Carolina’s new brunch bill is a homecoming game-changer.

There’s nothing like Homecoming Season in North Carolina. And it’s about to get even better, thanks to a new bill signed by the state’s governor.

NC Gov. Roy Cooper signed S.B. 155, AKA the “brunch bill” on Friday, allowing alcohol sales on Sunday morning to commence at 10 A.M.

“The passage of S.B. 155 will help restaurants to better meet the needs of their guests, particularly where tourism drives business or where local residents demand more choices,” Lynn Minges, President & CEO of the North Carolina Restaurant & Lodging Association, told ABC11. In cities and counties that elect this option, restaurants will be able to meet customer demands, grow their businesses, create jobs, increase tax revenue and bring patrons into business districts earlier in the day,”

Brunch is extremely popular with the Black Bourgeois, especially the Millenial generation. But in this Bible Belt state, home to 10 HBCUs, enjoying a mimosa or whatever your drink of choice is along with that delicious meal in between breakfast and lunch had to wait until at least noon in the past.


There has been an increase in organized brunch events at HBCU homecomings in the state over the past few years, and this figures to make those sendoff events even more highly anticipated events.

It will be hard to quantify just how much this bill will factor in dollar-wise but it’s easy to imagine that restaurants who count on a GHOE bump in business in Greensboro will be cashing out big time thanks to the Brunch Bill. The same goes for Charlotte, Winston-Salem, Durham and any of the other cities who see alumni and supporters flood their cities in October and November.

Safe to say that Gov. Cooper can pull up at any homecoming brunch from Charlotte to Elizabeth City and get a sip on the house.


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